Über den Respawn-Vortrag

Auf der Respawn-Seite steht nun eine Beschreibung meines Vortrags:

“This lecture describes the things a game writer says to customers, co-writers and reviewers. And the things he gets to hear. Those things are about creative aspects, about technical issues, about file formats and, yes, also about personal stuff. And many of these things are being uttered repeatedly. With routine, in wonder and sometimes with a WTF? attitude. The lecture tries to explain the typical situations in which a game writer and a developer (or a publisher) can be stuck – and how problems can be resolved.”

Am 15. September bin ich 10 Jahre freier Autor. Der Vortrag ist eine nette Chance, eine Bestandsaufnahme zu machen und die Dinge zu thematisieren, die immer wieder passieren.

*Sanity not included.