So the new “Leisure Suit Larry” is out …

When “Leisure Suit Larry — Wet Dreams Don’t Dry” was announced in May 2018 there were so many, erm, interesting reactions that I wrote this article about the background of the development and who is working on it.

The game came out on November 7th 2018. Here’s the release trailer:

Since the release the interesting reactions keep on coming, so here’s a little roundup ten days later. Let me go through some frequently asked questions and infrequently posted comments:

That title is obviously a reference to Swery’s “Dark Dreams Don’t Die”!!!

*sigh* This keeps popping up again and again. No. It is not. Personally, I’ve never hard of that … game? Movie? I have no idea what it is and I don’t care enough to google it. We had a LOT of title suggestions and in the end the publisher chose this one. My own suggestion was “Dense Dates in the Darkroom”, which probably would have caused the same results from those Swery fans, since it’s a D alliteration as well. 😀

Why is Larry so tall? He’s supposed to be a gnome!

We wanted to have a consistent art style for all characters. Also, in the first game Larry was not a gnome at all.

So what about continuity? Does this take place before or after “Lounge Lizards”? Or after “Love for Sail”? Do I need to know the other games?

This is something that also concerns the whole story and premise of the game. When production started this was our central question: how do we transport this well known character into our time? Should there be technical or magical explanation? Do we make a sequel to a certain game, perhaps even a direct sequel to “Love for Sail”? In the end we decided to not really explain how he got here. Not because we’re lazy (we had quite some concepts for bigger storys), but because we wanted to get oldschool Larry into the modern dating world and into a straightforward overarching drama without much delay. Also, because we needed to appeal to a new audience that may only have heard about Larry from their parents.

I read that Larry can be homosexual in the game!

No. When Larry gets his dating profile set up by two guys they classify him as “bisexual”, simply because this could appeal to the ladies (and to mess with Larry, of course). Larry is still old Larry. He was born this way, right?

Are there hidden Easter Eggs like, hehe, nudity?


… or are there?



And has it worked on you? Let us know!

Wait, there’s a Big Box of the game? Like in the 80s?

Indeed there is:

The game is available on digital outlets, there is a standard DVD edition and the completely over-the-top Limited Edition of 1 000 copies. Only sold in Germany. With a Steam key that’s printed on an actual floppy disc. The best time ever to make German friends who order it and send it to you! Have some Barbarenbräu together!

So Al Lowe is STILL not involved?


What happened to the cute dog in the Gym?

His fate is so terrible that we decided to leave it out of the game. We have sworn an oath to never utter a word about what happened in the Gym while Larry was in prison. Please don’t ask anymore. It is heartbreaking.

Perhaps the cute dog has seen “Lary’s weiner”?


How do I get a certain achievement?

Play the game naked. Don’t forget to turn on your webcam.

Why is there an age verification at the beginning? It has questions about politics from Germany!

Imagine you’re a 14 year old in Germany in 1988.

Imagine you want to play “Leisure Suit Larry”, but it throws questions about baseball and TV shows from America’s 50s at you.

Imagine there is no internet to look up the answers.

Well … 😀

Oh, have you seen the skip button that lets you jump right past those questions? You know, that subtle, well hidden HUGE FUCKING RED BUTTON IN THE UPPER RIGHT CORNER? 😀

I want to know more!

Here are three Behind the Scenes features in which the Crazybunch team explains a lot details. Don’t worry, it has subtitles:

I still want to know more!

Just ask. Feel free to post a comment here or find the whole team on social media. We all on Twitter:

And finally — this: