Dear Dr. Falko Loeffler

“Dear Dr. Falko Loeffler, 
This is Luna. How are you? I’m writing to follow-up my last invitation as below, would you please give me a tentative reply? Thank you very much.
It is our great pleasure to welcome you to join the 2nd Annual World Congress of Outsourcing Service-2014, which will take place in Dalian, China during June 26-29, 2014. On behalf of the organizing committee of WCOS-2014, we would like to welcome you to be the chair/speaker in Session 3-5: Mobile Game Design and Programming while presenting about Video games…
This conference will seek the views and creative ideas of the international community in outsourcing service worldwide. This grant influential event aims to bring the specialists, senior executives, economy policy makers and the leading industry practitioners together to share the achievements in the outsourcing service industry and foresee the potential opportunities and challenges as well as the methods to survive in the fierce competition times.”

Auch wenn’s nicht stimmt, lasse ich mich gern mit “Dr.” anreden. Luna heißt im Mailabsender allerdings Teresa. Die Veranstaltung ist total attraktiv. Wenn ich als Speaker teilnehme, zahle ich nur 1.300 Dollar und nicht 1.400 wie die anderen.

Gleichzeitig kam diese Mail von Haidee:
“Dear Falko Loeffler,

This is Haidee Zhang, the program coordinator of World Congress of Cultural & Creative IT Industries 2014 (CCI-2014). On behalf of the organizing committee, I sent you an Invitation Letter several weeks ago. In case of missing this great opportunity, I am writing again to extend our sincere invitation. Your earliest reply would be appreciated.
We are proud to announce that the World Congress of Cultural & Creative IT Industries 2014 (CCI-2014) with a theme of “Innovation Driven Smart Economy” will be held during June 19-21, 2014 at World Expo Center, Dalian, China. And we’re calling for experts in the area of Cultural & Creative IT Industries to make experience exchanges around the world. We hope you could participate and give a speech talk about Video games in the Session CCI 5: Computer and Mobile Game Design at the conference.”