I’m going to bed soon.

No, I’m not staying up for an election in which I can’t vote. It’s completely out of my hands. I’d rather sleep through the mayhem of the coming hours. Every small number coming from any little state will be crunched. Correspondents will talk to Jill and Jim from Horsemeat, Michigan and try to extrapolate the trend of the whole election from their words. There will be panicky journalists standing before houses from where IMPORTANT PEOPLE will sooner or later appear to give statements that have no influence whatsoever.

I won’t be glued to the TV and the internet for this.

At least I hope I have enough willpower.

It’s a shame you’ve even come this far, America. We’ve been way past the point where Trump looked like a sensible choice. Or better: that point never existed. You’ve been played. The only thing that’s rigged about this election is how the con man knew how to use the whole system to his advantage.

BUT EMAILS BENGHAZI. Oh come on. Perspective. There’s not one sensible point why Trump should be president, but a whole lot of sensible people have spoken out for Clinton. Not because she’s simply not Trump, but because she’s Clinton. And it’s not really rocket science to see who’s the bigger liar and the bigger threat here. There’s only one candidate without even a shred of dignity, humanity and reason. Being loud and brash and ignoring facts and giving outright lies are not a wonderful traits that can shake up the system. It’s noise, it’s sick, it’s everything humanity should have overcome by now, instead of taking another step back.

In the coming hours the Trumpeteers will either want Clinton to ACCEPT HER DEFEAT RIGHT NOW, BECAUSE FACTS or they will exclaim that everything WAS RIGGED FROM THE BEGINNING AND IS UNNACCEPTABLE.

Not staying up for this.

So, I’m going to bed soon.

Please don’t let me wake up in a nightmare.